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ClassCloud is secure cloud storage which is used in conjunction with the ClassConnect App.

One of the features of the ClassConnect App allows students to submit (hand in) their work (such as documents or photographs) to the teacher. The teacher can easily view, edit, save, print or send back the documents from within the ClassConnect portal.

Hand Out is a feature within the ClassConnect portal that allows teachers to send documents to either an individual or a group of iPads (such as a marked copy of a student’s work or an exam paper).

ClassCloud archives students work and allows each school to store up to 2GB of student documents free of charge. Additional storage can be purchased if required. Teachers can easily browse ClassCloud by student or device name, class or date.

Hand In with ClassConnect

iPad ClassConnect share buttoniPad share classcloud buttonAny app that uses the share functionality can be used to hand in work by tapping on the share button and then selecting the ClassCloud icon from the list of options.

If required, rename the file and then tap submit to send the work to your school’s ClassCloud storage.

ClassCloud hand in screenshot

Limiting File Sizes

To prevent large files from being submitted via Hand In or Hand Out, Admin users are able to set a maximum size – the default file size is 10MB. This is an organisational level setting and is changed via the ClassConnect portal.

1)  At the top right hand side of the page click on the organisation name

LearnPad ClassConnect organisation name screenshot

2)  In the “ClassCloud Settings” section, click the pencil icon to edit the size limit for Hand In and Hand Out – Note: The size shown in in bytes.

LearnPad ClassCloud settings screenshot


Teachers can manage the documents that have been handed in through the ClassConnect Portal.

  1. Click on the “Manage” tab.
  2. From the “CONTENT” menu click ClassCloud.
  3. You will now see a postcard view of the most recently submitted work, along with the device name they were submitted from (Or the student’s name if the student was logged in): ClassCloud management screenshot
  4. You can filter what appears on the page by changing the sate range or entering search criteria such as a student’s name, their class name, the device name or even the name of the file you are searching for.
  5. You can select an individual item or multiple items by ticking the check box underneath and then choose to delete, download or publish to ClassBoard.
  6. You can upload files into ClassCloud by selecting the option and then choosing the file from your computer.

Hand Out

To hand out resources:

  1. Log into the ClassConnect portal.
  2. Choose the Dashboard.
    LearnPad ClassConnect dashboard screenshot
  3. Select the iPad device(s) that you wish to “hand out” the resources to and either:
  • Choose Select a File to Sendfrom the right-hand page navigation and proceed to step 4 or:
  • Drag and drop the files that you would like to send onto Select a file to Sendfrom the right-hand page navigation and proceed to step 5. ClassConnect iPad handout screenshot
  1. Select the file that you wish to send to the device(s). iPad ClassConnect file upload screenshot
  2. The resource will be Handed Out to the device(s).
  3. Each student will need to press the Check In button on the device information screen and a message will appear allowing the student to open the file:
    iPad ClassConnect new handout screenshot


Hand Outs are stored in the Handouts folder on each LearnPad device, grouped by the name of the teacher who sent them. The Handouts folder can be found in the Toolbox.