Enrolling iPads In An Organisation

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Enrolling your iPads allows you to view them within the ClassConnect dashboard. It can also allow devices to download potentially sensitive content, so enrollment should be restricted to approved devices only.

To enroll in your organisation, an enrollment secret is required in the form of a QrKey. If this secret becomes compromised (e.g. known to someone outside of your organization), then it can be replaced using the Create New Token action on your organization page.

    1. Make sure you have registered a user account.
    2. Enrollment requires you to create or join an organization.
    3. Make sure your device is connected to a Wi-Fi network.
    4. Ensure the ClassConnect App is installed on your iPad.
    5. Go to the QrKey management page within the ClassConnect portal and expand the Enrollment option (only available if you are logged in and a member of an organization). You will see a QrKey for enrolling in your organization.
    6. On your iPad, open the ClassConnect app and tap the QrKey icon, which should start the built in camera. Point this straight at the QrKey on the portal screen. Hold the tablet still until the camera registers it (you should hear a beep and the camera will close).Using the LearnPad QrKey Scanner
    7. Once the iPad is enrolled it should appear on the ClassConnect dashboard for your organization.