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iPad Charging For Secondary & Primary Schools

ClassCharge is a revolutionary and cost-effective wireless charging solution that:

  1. Simplifies the charging of iPads & computer tablets in schools
  2. Removes the headache of bulky, expensive trolleys
  3. Reduces the inconvenience of lost chargers & broken connectors

The true innovation of ClassCharge is its simplicity; being able to charge a device without plugging it in, or worry about where to place it, makes a stress-free classroom for both pupils and teachers.

ClassCharge does this by using revolutionary inductive wireless charging technology. It’s embedded in the shelves of our Tectus iPad Charging Unit, as well as the iPad Charging Cases themselves – With patent pending magnetic locating systems that align and securely charge both LearnPads and iPads with zero hassle.

Inductive charging works by passing an electrical current through a transmitter coil to generate a magnetic field. When a similar coil, in a receiver module, is placed within a few millimeters of the transmitter coil, the magnetic field from the transmitter induces a current in the receiver coil, producing a charge for the device that it is connected to.

This means there is no direct connection between the receiver in the iPad case, and transmitter in the iPad Storage unit; the ‘charge’ is transmitted wirelessly – Clever eh!


There are no chargers to lose or connectors to break – Just perfect, reliable charging every time.

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