Wireless Charging for iPad Air / Air 2: Classroom Set 16

Key Features
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ClassCharge makes charging of iPad Air and iPad Air 2 in the classroom simple. With the latest wireless charging technology in our award-winning Tectus storage unit and a colourful array of classroom ready cases, you’ll never waste time plugging in your iPad Air / Air 2 again.

With a variety of protective cases to choose from, the tablets in your school will always be safe from damage and secured within the lockable storage unit, which effortlessly provides wireless charging for iPad Air / Air 2 tablets.

Classroom Sets Include:

  • 1 x Tectus iPad Wireless Charging & Storage Unit (lockable, with two keys)
  • 16 x Wireless Charging Cases for iPad Air / Air 2 with Folding Cover Stands
  • 16 x ClassCharge App Licenses (providing smart battery reporting for your tablets)
Key Features
  • Compact sized unit (Depth 440mm × Width 300mm × Height 720 mm)
  • Sixteen charging locations (all secured)
  • Visual charging indication LEDs
  • Lockable door with two keys
  • Quiet operation with three cooling fans
  • Single UK mains power connection
  • 16 x Classroom-ready iPad Air / Air 2 cases and covers
  • Can also be used to store and charge LearnPad classroom tablets (when combined with a LearnPad ClassCharge case)
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